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Great Care!

Our precious Grady lost his gallant battle with osteosarcoma, and was taken out of pain and into forever sleep on January 2. Grady was in his own living room surrounded by his family, his Doctor Dan and Katie, who shared our heartbreak. We appreciate the loving care given Grady over the 11 and ½ years of his life, and especially the sensitivity communicated by the staff. Thanks to each and every one of you great folks.

Dr’s Mike and Dan have tended to our Golden Retriever sons, Judson, Grady and now Eli, since April 7, 1997. Most recently, on October 29, 2008, the good doctors sensitively guided us through the amputation of 11-year old Grady’s right front leg, due to osteosarcosis. Grady’s pain, which had become intolerable, is gone and, as of early December, he is once again a happy boy so that Grady, his folks, and his brother, Eli, are living an especially thankful holiday season. Thank you for the excellent care, and Happy Holidays to the entire staff. Robert, Lucy, Grady & Eli
– Robert Moore